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Hottest Wedding Dress Trends of 2015

A woman’s wedding day is supposed to be one of the most exciting moments of her life. It’s a time to look and feel as beautiful as you can, in a wedding dress that is both timeless and trendy. Looking back on old wedding photos should instill joy, not embarrassment. In order for you to enjoy your trip down memory lane in a few years, you need to know about today’s hottest wedding dress trends.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

A lot of today’s most fabulously dressed brides are slipping into something less traditional than an off-the-shelf, white gown. Not only are some women opting for a vintage designed wedding dress, but many of them are buying used gowns instead of paying big money at custom dress shops. Hand-me-down gowns allow the bride to wear something borrowed, and a good number of women are also adding something blue to the ensemble. That’s right: no more plain white dress. A blue sash, belt, or set of accessories is perfectly acceptable for a 2015 wedding day. In fact, some brides are opting for an all blue wedding gown – a trend that is becoming quite popular this year.

Sleeves of Lace

According to The Knot, one of the hottest wedding dress trends of 2015 are lace-covered sleeves. Even off-the-shoulder designs seem to be accentuated by the presence of delicate billows of intricate lace on the remaining portion of the sleeve. Brides from all over the world are getting glamorous with this elaborate form of detailing, with lace tufts often scaling down the body of the dress as well. This choice gives a dainty look to the gown without being too gaudy. In addition, brides are also using lace to bring a hint of sex appeal to their nuptial ensemble, especially when worn over exposed parts of the body.

Shoulder Beading

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the most popular designs are sleeveless. So how does the modern bride embellish her gown when it doesn’t have any sleeves or when it wouldn’t look good with something blue? They wear wedding dresses that have draped beadwork on the shoulder, that’s what they do. As one of the hottest wedding dress trends of 2015, shoulder beading is a terrific design aesthetic that is perfect for any season. Instead of relying on lace sleeves that could make the bride sweaty, she sometimes opts for draped shoulder beads these days. Your wedding day is supposed to make you feel special, loved, and beautiful. So, no matter what the current trends are, go with something that looks and feels right. There is no wrong answer when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, which means you will eventually find the one that suits you. By looking at the modern wedding dress trends we can see where fashion is headed and pick out attributes that we find most favorable. Perhaps you could even mix a few of the latest trends together for your own unique look.

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