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How to Lose Weight Quick Before the Wedding

Planning for a wedding can be one of the most intense and nerve wracking experiences some couples can go through. There are a million and one details to be gone over and and settles, and among them all, trying to trim down to look their best on the big day is often a big point on the to do list. With all the different dietary plans out there, it is important to not try a crash diet to try and trim down quickly before the wedding. Instead following the tips listed here can help lead to not just quick weight loss, but permanent weight loss. After all, most couples want a happily ever after, not a heftier ever after.

Envision your dream body

If you ever read an interview with a successful person, the chances are high that some part of the interview will cover how they always had a vision of where they would want to be in ten years. A wallpaper with that beach house, a picture of the family on vacation. To help you get a step closer to whatever you define to be success, I would advise you to set a goal and to visualize it. It is a very powerful method to help you reach your goals.

Start Early

Trying to decide at the last minute that you want to drop five or ten pounds before the wedding, when it is only a week or two away, is rarely going to end with desirable results. Crash dieting to drop that weight leads to the yo-yo effect, where you drop and regain, drop and regain. Until you set yourself up to properly loose the weight, you are only going to get a temporary solution, if any. From the moment you begin wedding planning it should be decided on if there needs to be any weight loss. True weight loss begins and ends with proper lifestyle and dietary changes. Part of being healthier means being a healthy weight, and it can take a lot of time and effort to retrain yourself to living healthily.

Cut The Excess

For many men and women, soft drinks are a major part of their diet and also a large source of weight issues. Even diet sodas can be unhealthy and provide no real nutritional benefits. If caffeine dependency is an issue, and you cannot bear to go through the headaches and detox from caffeine, then consider tea as an alternative. There are several easy to prepare cold tea-based drink mixes that can help improve your water intake, without loading in the empty calories, sugars, and sodium found in soft drinks. Ideally, you should switch up to more plain or natural fruit essence waters to help no only cut out excess calories and fat, but also help boost your metabolism to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Be Realistic

When it comes to setting a weight loss goal, one thing that many people do and it sets themselves up for failure, is to set unrealistic goals. In the example given, where the desired goal is 10 pounds in 2 weeks, the problem is that its rather unrealistic to do that healthily. Using the basic founding principle behind weight loss, it takes 4,000 calories to put on half a pound. Which means to burn that 10 pounds, you will need to work off 80,000 calories. In order for most adults to function fully, you daily calorie intake by most scientific standards is 1,500 to 2,000. In an extreme case, where you cut back to 1,000 calories a day, you can burn off about 7,000 a week, which is not quite a full pound. Adding in regular workouts will naturally boost this up to a full pound to a pound and one-half, which is the safest recommendations for weight loss. If you trim back below 1,000 calories, you run the risk of lowering the function of your metabolism, which will result in a lot of weight re-gain once you go off the diet and exercise routine.

Detox Diet With Caution

One popular craze for dieting to shed up to 5 pounds in a week is to detox and cleanse diet. These are not pretty diets and will have you in the bathroom quite a bit as your bowels are purged and excess water is shed. They also carry the unpleasant nature of giving very temporary results and can be stressful

on the body. One should only consider a detox run as a last resort, but they should not delude themselves as to what to expect while on it.

In the End

Dieting for quick weight loss is not the proper mindset to have about dieting. The weight destroyer program emphasizes the need for a strategy that works long term. If couples follow the basic guidelines for diet and exercise, and modify eating habits, as well as lifestyle in terms of exercise,both can find the path to an amazing body at their wedding.

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