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How to Look Your Best in a Wedding Dress

So, you've bleached your pearly whites, gotten highlights, and plucked everything that needs to be plucked- and you're almost ready for the big day, when you become a Mrs (or Ms, if you so choose). Every woman wants to be her at best and look divine on her wedding day, but you can only do so much, because in the end, it's up to the person with the camera in his/her hands to capture your dazzling radiance in the best light. How in the world do you make sure your photos on Facebook are the ones that you will want to show off to your grandchildren in your golden years? Well, read on- as these '6 Steps to Success' will help make sure you look your brilliant best on the big day.

Step 1: Read the title of this article three times as fast as you can, making sure you accent the rhyme of 'best' and 'dress'; nothing like getting yourself into the mood!

Step 2: Pick out the dress you want EARLY. No, early does not mean ASAP, but the last thing you want to do for the biggest day in your life is procrastinate and wait until the last minute. The dress should be the most important detail on your wedding plan checklist (ok, maybe the rings, first). For the big day, you will want something which allows you to dance, walk and stand (not necessarily in that order) without having to fret about any accidents. Make sure you give yourself enough time if you choose to have the dress made. However, even if you buy ''pre-made', you will still need to make time to have it tailored as well make any adjustments necessary.

Step 3: Pick the right hairstyle. The last thing you want to do is pull everyone's attention from your beautiful dress towards an overwhelming hairstyle. It's best to go for a classic and simple style, one that will combine perfectly with your dress. Remember, at a wedding no one ever says (or wants people to say), 'Oh my, wasn't her hair just gorgeous?’ that adjective should be saved for the dress. And don't forget to PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE some more at home before your big day.

Step 4: Have your nails done professionally. This is the one item you don't have to cross off your to-do list too early. That's not to say that you should wait until the last minute, but this way, you minimize the risk of a broken or chipped nail, or other nail nightmares right before the big day. Remember- your hands WILL have everyone's attention while you are showing off your gorgeous wedding ring!

Step 5: Don't go minimal with the makeup. Having the perfect makeup job done is the very last thing to cross off on your list, because you cross it off on your wedding day! No need to transform yourself into someone different so dramatically that your partner doesn't recognize you. It's a good idea to apply the makeup a little heavier than normal so as to hold up throughout the day, and to practice a few times before the big day, taking photos with your own camera to see the results.

Step 6: Rest, relax and enjoy! There is a reason why bachelor/bachelorette parties are at least two nights before the big day; you don't want to look exhausted or a wreck in front of all the guests and the camera. Nothing wrong with having a fun bash a few days before the wedding, but pulling an all-nighter is a bad idea. Also, enjoy all the wonderful food at the rehearsal dinner if you have one, but just remember, you most likely had that wedding dress adjusted to a specific size and what's more, gosh know that nerves will have you running to the bathroom more than a few times before the ceremony.

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