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How to Get the Last Few Pounds Off before You Pick a Wedding Dress

Your beloved has asked you to marry him.  What a wonderful day that was.  Now you have the daunting task to finding that perfect wedding gown.  Not that the task of locating your ideal dress isn’t hard enough, you also have to shed a few pounds to fit into it.  The clock is ticking and you don’t have much time left. You need some real answers with some solid solutions attached.  You need serious help, and you need it fast.

Drown the Weight in Healthy Hydration

It might be obvious to some people, but to others it is not – drinking lots of water can help you lose a few pounds quickly, which is perfect for your pre-nuptial celebration. In addition, a hydrated body is a more beautiful one. Supple skin is less prone to acne, dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.  As if losing weight from drinking water weren’t good enough, doing so can actually create a more beautiful bride out of you in the meantime.

*TIP: Drink ice cold water to increase your metabolism and warm water to decrease your appetite.

You Are Sweet Enough so Cut Out the Sugar

Did you know that sugar and sugary beverages can have a drastically negative effect on your overall health, not to mention your weight?  If you seriously want to get the last few pounds off before you pick a wedding dress, you might want to consider cutting back on the sweets.  Sugar, when not used properly by the body, can turn into excess fat.  That is probably the last thing you want when choosing the perfect gown for your big day.

*TIP: Check the sugar levels of all foods, as some items might surprise you by their nutritional facts.


Practice Adding Spice before the Big Night

You are going to be all hot and bothered during and after the wedding ceremony, so why not get spicy beforehand? When you eat spicy foods you have a greater chance of losing weight.  Foods that have that tang also have a chemical known as capsaicin, which actually increases the metabolic rate and promotes quicker weight loss.  What’s the worst that could happen?  You learn a few new recipes to share with your betrothed?

*TIP: Be careful if you are sensitive to spicy foods. Try capsaicin pills or supplements instead.

Become More Active than Usual

If it is not like you to be active throughout the day, the moments leading up to your wedding should serve as inspiration to change that. If you are an active person, now is the time to step your game up. Being an active person is the kind of habit that burns fat fast. Try to work out until you break a sweat at least once daily.  Add that with a balanced diet and you should be able to achieve your goals before fitting day.

*TIP: Fitness trainers usually recommend at least 30 minutes of strenuous, heart-pounding exercise per day to reach optimal physical health.

Get Plenty of Beauty Rest

You might have the habit of exercising, planning, running errands, and otherwise, but that will not help you lose weight before the wedding. In fact, stocking up on oxidative stress (which is what happens when your body is not at rest) can actually increase your body weight.  More than that, it can decrease your vitality and make you look like a disinterested bride.  To put it simply: get plenty of beauty rest before the wedding for a blissful glow and a body that reminds the groom why he proposed to you in the first place.

*TIP: It is recommended that adults get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night for proper body and brain functioning.

Try Fast-Acting Diet Pills

When all else fails and the traditional methods don’t work for you, it may be your best bet to try dietary supplements. While there are some supplements that are not made by reputable companies, there are also pills that come from brands that have been trusted in the industry for years.  Relying on a dietary supplement to lose a few extra pounds is the ideal use for these pills.  No matter what though, be sure to use them responsibly and as directed on the label.

*TIP: Combine your dietary supplement regimen with a health and well balanced diet for optimal results.


Try The Paleo Restart

The Paleo RestartThe Pale Diet combines best of both world. Lovely food and a healthy body. By eating Paleo you will trigger your body to shed of excess weight. One of the best programs around is the Paleo Restart cookbook. Enjoy!


What to Wear to An Evening Wedding

So, you've been invited to a wedding and are fretting the age-old question, 'what to wear'? And to top it off, it's an evening wedding....are you sure you have something in the closet to fit the occasion? Or should you grab the credit card and hit the shopping mall?

The so-called rules for a wedding differ depending on what time of the day the wedding is being held. One must take into account whether or not the wedding ceremony will be formal or informal, yet in general, you'll want to wear a dress. Pants and /or a suit are also acceptable for a woman. The one thing to remember is that any color but white is acceptable- you DON'T want to be wearing a dress that is the same color as the bride's wedding gown. It may seem old-school, and in fact, it is. Yet it's also good etiquette; no need to be competing with the bride for title of the most gorgeous white dress at a wedding when it's her wedding.

Rules? What rules? What in the world are you talking about??

If it's an informal evening wedding ceremony, a cocktail dress is just what the doctor ordered. In case you're not sure, a cocktail dress is a 'fancier' dress; not a sun dress- a simple little black dress, (not full-length) will do. The same attire holds true in the case of the wedding ceremony being semi-formal. And remember, just because we recommend you wear black to the wedding, doesn't mean you can't wear another color of your choice.

If it is a 'casual' wedding, you will still want to err on the side of caution; best to wear a simple sun dress. Please, please, please- don't wear shorts, jeans or anything that you wouldn't wear to a job interview. 

In the event that the wedding ceremony will be a formal evening and/or black-tie affair, it's recommended that you go with a cocktail dress (though there is nothing that says it can't be a short cocktail dress). To top it off and make it formal/black-tie-ish, make sure bling it up a bit, with some beads, accessories and a wrap (it probably gets a wee bit chilly in the evening to be wearing a cocktail dress, no matter where you live).

If you find yourself invited to an ultra-formal or white tie (yes, such a term exists) wedding ceremony in the evening, you will want to have a long gown with extra bling-  diamonds, possibly dangling earrings, furs, etc. In the case of jewelry for a white-tie wedding, more is better, and whether you like the style or not, larger/longer is also better. Of course, we are certainly not telling you that you need to dress in a style or manner that you don't enjoy. When it comes for what shoes to wear to such a ceremony, pumps are a good choice.

What about hats and/or gloves?

Though it may be a bit rare to see hats and/or gloves at a wedding ceremony, it is still perfectly acceptable to wear one, the other or both. Hats make for a good choice if it might be windy at the ceremony.  It's best not to wear full-length gloves (either to the elbow or shoulder) with any dress except one that is strapless or sleeveless. Of course, if the wedding ceremony is religious (although this would be doubtful, if it's an evening ceremony), give the sleeves or strapless dress a miss.  What's more, although we call it a 'white-tie' wedding, we could also call it a 'white-gloves' wedding; white gloves work best at an ultra-formal event. And remember to take the gloves off when eating.

Finally, a clutch or small purse makes for a great accessory at an evening event; this is true for weddings, as well.

For more info, feel free to check out:

The Top 5 Benefits of Athletic Greens

athletic greens increases your healthYour health and happiness are important, which is probably why you are looking for the best foods, drinks, and fitness products on the market. Being in good shape not only looks great, it makes you feel better as well. However, consuming large amounts of junk food for any reason can be detrimental to every single part of your body. In order to optimize your health and fitness it is necessary to include high quality, nutrient-dense foods and/or drinks in your diet. As one of the most popular modern options for eating better while living a busy life, Athletic Greens are actually surprisingly beneficial and can improve your health in significant ways.

1. Athletic Greens Are Made with Natural Whole Food Ingredients

Eating whole foods and items made from organic sources is important, especially when it comes to the health of your circulatory, digestive, and endocrine systems. Athletic Greens are designed with that in mind. Comprised of natural ingredients, Athletic Greens contain a whopping 12 servings of vegetables and fruits in a single serving. The concoction is made up of over 75 different whole food ingredients, harvested and used while still in their natural, untouched form. Because the consumption of whole, organic foods has been shown to improve a person’s health and reduce risk of certain diseases, using Athletic Greens regardless of your lifestyle wouldn’t be a bad idea.

2. Athletic Greens Give You a Boost

It’s not cheating if you’re giving your body what it naturally needs to survive and thrive. Athletic Greens provide your body with a number of essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and enzymes. This special patented formula promotes optimal digestion by fostering complete nutrient absorption. Athletic Greens have actually been formulated by experienced physicians and nutritionists for the expressed purposes of giving the user a nutrient-dense boost of health and energy. The taste was also considered during the product’s 10-year development, and now it is surprisingly sweet and mixes well despite being in the notoriously clumpy powder form.

3. Athletic Greens Are Designed for Busy People

Regardless of the time it took for doctors, nutritionists, and scientists to develop Athletic Greens, the product is designed to be used quickly and efficiently by people living hectic lives. In fact, Athletic Greens can be prepared in under 30 seconds and only need to be consumed once per day. On top of that, the product promises to cover all daily nutritional needs, even for extremely active people, which makes it convenient on those hectic days that often tempt you towards the vending machine. If that weren’t enough, Athletic Greens can begin to work immediately and usually produce significant changes to the consumer’s health, energy levels, and abilities. Talk about efficient.

4. Athletic Greens Keep You Regular

Because Athletic Greens contain such a fundamental mixture of essential ingredients, the effect on the consumer’s digestive system becomes noticeable pretty quickly. Athletic Greens can help with indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, and diarrhea, and at the same time it can protect the health of gut bacteria while boosting immunities and strengthening the body’s own natural defenses. Over time, consuming Athletic Greens can help you become more regular and might also become your way of gently detoxifying your body.

5. Athletic Greens Can Help You Lose Weight

fit bodyThis breakthrough product is also great for those who want to lose weight. The ingredients are filling and satisfying, making unhealthy food cravings a thing of the past. When your body has everything it needs for the entire day packed into a single serving beverage, the possibilities are endless. Athletic Greens don’t make you unable to eat, it is just unlikely that you will want to. Most food cravings are caused by a lack of something in the body, and unhealthy eating habits are the leading reason for obesity. Athletic Greens satiates all bodily systems and provides immediate relief from wanting fatty, convenience foods. We often choose unhealthy food because we are busy, but there is not an excuse for that anymore. Athletic Greens seemingly provide a swift and convenient alternative that not only helps to improve our health but also gives us a healthy way to lose weight and detoxify our bodies. You don’t need a doctor to know when a product is a good option, but talk to one if that will make you feel better. Although Athletic Greens have not yet been approved by the FDA, the product is considered safe for most people.

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